October, October, Beware of Witchcraft

Gender anxiety conveyed through witch trials in the 1600s https://csulauniversitytimes.com/7667/blogs/october-october-beware-of-witchcraft/ “A man was walking along one day and looking for a witch, he believed his penis was used for Maleficien and it was stolen. When he found the witch, he asked, ‘Please, please, can I have my penis back?’ And she said, ‘Alright, keep walking ahead and you will see a bird nest. Take any … Continue reading October, October, Beware of Witchcraft

Inspirational speaker tackles Eco-injustice

Professor Philip Clayton delivered an unforgettable presentation entitled “Toward a sustainable civilization: New Directions in Environmental Philosophy” at the inaugural lecture event hosted by the Joseph Prabhu Fund for Interfaith Peace and Justice, College of Arts and Letters, and Cal State LA Philosophy Club on Thursday, April 21. Professor Philip Clayton currently holds the Ingraham Chair at Claremont School of Theology. He works to formulate … Continue reading Inspirational speaker tackles Eco-injustice