Inspirational speaker tackles Eco-injustice

Professor Philip Clayton delivered an unforgettable presentation entitled “Toward a sustainable civilization: New Directions in Environmental Philosophy” at the inaugural lecture event hosted by the Joseph Prabhu Fund for Interfaith Peace and Justice, College of Arts and Letters, and Cal State LA Philosophy Club on Thursday, April 21. Professor Philip Clayton currently holds the Ingraham Chair at Claremont School of Theology. He works to formulate … Continue reading Inspirational speaker tackles Eco-injustice

Ron Meyer: the Path to Success

On Monday, Jan. 11th, students were able to meet Ron Meyer, the Vice Chairman of NBCUniversal. It was an executive chat held at the State Playhouse, in the form of Q&A conducted by Bill Teitelbaum, an alumnus and professor of Cal State LA. According to Professor Teitelbaum, seven students from Cal State LA will begin their internships with NBCUniversal after the executive chat. Meyer said … Continue reading Ron Meyer: the Path to Success