Marrian Zhou is currently a M.S. Candidate at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. She hopes to focus on social issues and international conflicts, as well as to become a foreign correspondent in the future.

Originally from Beijing, China, Zhou moved to Los Angeles in 2010. She double-majored at California State University, Los Angeles, and received two Bachelor degrees in Communication and Instrumental Performance. During her time in undergraduate, she found her passion in journalism through contributing to the University Times- the weekly campus newspaper, and later became the Editor-in-Chief. Zhou has also produced a short documentary dedicated to Dreamers on Cal State LA campus, post inauguration of President Trump.

Zhou also studied abroad in Rome and London for a year, where she learned to speak Italian and became interested in international affairs. Later, she worked as an interning reporter for Beijing Today, which is a bilingual newspaper in China’s capital. She has emerged herself into the cultures she lived in, and developed a deeper understanding of the preconceptions a journalist might have when reporting internationally. Zhou thrives to cover national and foreign affairs objectively and fairly.

Email: marrian166@gmail.com

Appearance in news

Short Documentary: Journey into the Light– Dedicated to all of the DACA recipients.