124 Websites Caught Selling Fake Peking University Training

Peking University’s official website released a statement over Weibo on July 12 that 124 websites were using its name to offer training classes without the school’s permission.

The statement emphasized that these websites had no cooperation with the university, nor did they have the permission to offer the courses.

According Beijing Youth Daily reporter’s investigation,
Most of these websites advertised with terms such as “Beijing University”, “PKU”. Their web addresses were also very similar to PKU’s, such as “www.pkupx.cn”, “www.pku-edu.cn”, etc. Approximately half of these fake websites offered “CEO Training”, “University Classes”, and “Beijing University Research Classes”. Some of them also offered studying abroad consultation, work-and-study master programs, etc.

The reporter found that most of these classes were priced from five digits to six digits. They all declared that the official PKU administration charged these fees. One of the courses on the website http://www.embapku.org charged almost 500,000 yuan.

According to this website, both “PKU GE Leadership Project” and “PKU New Business Leadership Training” courses reached 498,000 yuan. Each course would be taught on a two-year span. The first was taught one to two days a month while the latter was taught once every two months, each class took three days.

Also, some of this website’s courses clarified that the PKU financial office will charge the fee directly and dispense official receipts. They even reminded the students not to pay any indiviidual or organization. Their online account names were usually titled “Beijing University” as well. Through the reporter’s investigation, one staff stated that they would give out receipts, but not through PKU’s receipt dispensing system.

Most of these website’s contact addresses and training locations were setup on PKU’s campus. Some courses even guaranteed to issue official PKU diploma after successful completion of the program. For example, http://www.beijingdaxue.net.cn and http://www.bd-art.cn stated on their websites that the diplomas will contain official stamp and crest from PKU.

Although some of the mentioned websites no longer exist after Beijing University published the statement, the university would like to remind the public that their official website is http://www.oce.pku.edu.cn, and any other information published by organization or individual would be considered fake. To anyone who would risk harming the university’s reputation, Beijing University reserves the right to pursue its legal liability.

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