Restaurant Rating War Ends in Alleged Knife Fight

A negative review for an online food delivery service left one Eleme user in Jinan, Shandong province with 19 stitches – at least according to his version of the story.

The user, surnamed Liu (pseudonym), left a complaint on the service on June 23 at 9 am because his breakfast delivery from Wan Hao Donkey Bun took 62 minutes even though the app said it was 300 meters away.

When Liu returned home on June 25 at 7 pm, he noticed he was being tailed on his way home by a man on a moped. The man stopped him at the door and asked if he ordered breakfast two days before.

Liu said the man began to shove and punch him when he tried to call the police. When he fought back, the man pulled out a long cleaver, Liu said. The next thing Liu knew, he was covered in blood and unable to open his eyes.

“I tried to knock on my neighbor’s door, and when my neighbor answered the man ran away,” Liu said. His neighbor cleaned his wounds and sent him to the hospital and police station. Liu had 19 stitches on his fingers, collarbone and temple. The slash on his collarbone was one centimeter long.

The alleged assailant was the owner of Wan Hao Donkey Bun, surnamed Wang.

Beijing Youth Daily interviewed Wang, who read Liu’s comments to the reporter and noted the offensive languages.

“I tried to call him to explain what happened, but he started cursing me out immediately. It was really irritating. I thought he was a gangster,” Wang said.

Wang said his restaurant receives more than 100 orders through Eleme every day. Wang said he wanted to explain what happened to Liu and used the GPS delivery point from the app to find Liu’s home. He said he brought the cleaver because he was afraid Liu might call fellow gang members to his aid. Their verbal argument allegedly turned physical.

Wang denied using the knife to attack Liu and also denies following Liu home. He said he was not aware of any injuries to Liu.

Wang said that both of them called the police and he went to the hospital with Liu. “I did not use the knife in the fight, and that’s why the police did not detain me,” he said.

Liu said he filed a complaint with Eleme after the incident. “I called on the 26th, but nobody helped me for two days. I also complained on Weibo, and I have a record of when I made the call from the police station,” he said.

Liu said he was unsatisfied with the company’s solution because it did not move to close down the restaurant. Staff from Eleme contacted Liu, but their negotiations went nowhere.

Liu said that his wounds were identified as light injury, and that Wang was only required to pay for the physical medical costs but not work hours lost or mental suffering.

“I do not know how long it will take me to heal. I can hardly move right now. These wounds will definitely leave scars, and the nerves in my finger were damaged as well,” Liu said.

Eleme said in a public statement that the lack of surveillance footage and Liu and Wang’s own stories led police to classify the dispute as a street fight, and that Eleme was not responsible.

Liu requested 50,000 yuan as compensation from Wang and asked police to pursue criminal charges. However, the hospital confirmed that Liu’s injuries were minor and did not constitute criminal harm.

Eleme denied Liu’s charges made on Weibo, such as “Eleme has terrible customer service,” “Eleme only sides with restaurants” and “Eleme sends people with knives to customers’ doors.”

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