Beijing Unveils Progress in Technology Innovation Plan

The Information Office of Beijing Municipality and Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission hosted a development presentation on July 14.

In April 2014, the municipal office published its Beijing Technology Innovation Action Plan 2014- 2017. The plan emphasized 12 issues that needed attention, such as the transformation and advancement of technology innovation industry, the construction of a more sophisticated economical structure and municipal sustainability.

Since then, Beijing’s service industry has made significant progress. In 2015, the service industry generated 1.83 trillion yuan, and increase of 8.1 percent. Zhongguancun’s technology service industry accounted for 530 billion yuan of that sum.

According to the conference, the service industry has also encouraged municipal innovation. More than 70,000 technology contracts were signed in Beijing in 2015, generating some 345.26 billion in profit. Beijing businesses accounted for 40 percent of China’s technology market last year.

That success in technology has motivated innovators to pursue more advanced research and development, and has greatly encouraged the construction of a national technology innovation center in Beijing.

The new development also revitalized start-ups. By now, more than 200 group innovation spaces and 150 incubators and university labs have been founded in Beijing. The number of service companies and teams exceeded 20,000.

From January to May, more than 30,000 technology companies entered to the market, and increase of 19.6 percent. The total number of technology companies registered in the city is approximately 390,000.

The flourishing of the technology industry in Beijing offers new advantages for every district. For example, Haidian District has concentrated centers for technology advancement, start-ups and research.

To encourage more innovation, the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission has made progress in policy, environment and corporate services, with a focus on innovation and economic benefits.

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