Chasing Wonders: Over The Sea and Bach Again

In London, U.K., there are still classical musicians performing at the Market Place. The performances are continuous and as a bystander, you can always come here in a sunny afternoon for a little ease of mind. With a glass of Champagne, a side of delicious snack, and a good company, relax and let Bach or Brahms handle the rest.

What’s special about this London street scene is that in Los Angeles, we mostly see jazz and pop street performers instead of classical musicians. These London musicians performing at the Market Place are fairly young, full of passion, and they add on formation changes and dance steps into classical music performance. Some people always complain that classical performances are too dull to watch, but these young musicians’ innovative performance has proved to us that classical music could be very fun to watch and even to get you on the dance floor.

As a classical Saxophone player, I asked myself, ”Why can’t my quartet do something cool like that?” The way we have always performed is the sitting-down concert setting, why can’t we give it a little spice? Is it truly because we are following the traditions or we are just too close-minded? A lot of people have criticized that classical music is like a cage for our musical imagination, however, the only ones who have been limiting us are we the musicians.

I feel inspired in this innovative land and I have so much more to discover and learn. I truly hope when my study abroad journey is over, I will be able to bring back what I’ve learned here to save our classical music and to inspire more musicians to break out of the box.

I have traveled overseas hoping to find my passion that was once lost, and here in this modern and sophisticated city, Bach has shown me the way back.

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