The Good Nature EP by Faulty Rotation — Night Owls’ New Favorite

If you are sitting in front of a laptop at 11PM with the company of a cup of hot tea, trying to brainstorm for some refreshing ideas but keep falling asleep like myself, chances are you must be craving for some good music to help. Lucky for me, my friend gave me a CD of Faulty Rotation’s newest album, The Good Nature EP. To be honest with you, I’m usually not a Rock fan, but I decided to give it a try anyways.

The first song Planes starts off with an independent melody on the electronic guitar, then the bass, drums, and lastly vocals that add gradually. The climax of the song is quite strong but it does not disturb your calmness. Then it goes back to the vivid melody where the electronic guitar plays repetitively. Nice and strong, yet never overwhelming, perfect for this kind of night. It’s like the feeling when your hot coffee runs down your throat smoothly, very warm and comfortable, but you can still feel the energy of caffeine spreads through your veins.

As the second song Irrational starts, the beats and melody grow stronger and stronger, wakes up your brain just enough to start thinking, but not enough to get you hyper and can’t fall asleep afterwards. I let the album keep streaming, and thoughts start to show up in my head eventually. Have you guys ever had zone-out images randomly appearing in your head while listening to music? My images are always scenarios. While The Good Nature keeps playing, I see myself standing on the rooftop of the highest building in a busy city, which reminds me of the last scene in the movie, Warm Bodies. The sun rises and I could feel the sun beams shooting through my skin even though it’s midnight in reality. Close my eyes, I am now spiritually free.

All three members of Faulty Rotation are music students at CSULA and they have performed at the Student Union Plaza before. Here is their short biography:

Faulty Rotation is a core three piece band based in Alhambra, California. Making use of a wide range musical elements and influences, Faulty Rotation (formally known as Good Nature) creates a world of cutting edge, hard hitting, alternative rock music meant to stretch the imagination and emotions of all listeners.

For two years as Good Nature, the band has done gigs around the greater Los Angeles area including headlining gigs at the Terrace (Pasadena) The Guitar Merchant (Canoga Park) and on their home campus of CSULA.

I’m very impressed by the uniqueness and originality of Faulty Rotation’s work. Anyone who is in the same scenario as I was that night in should try this album. I’m a night owl kind of person and I constantly need good music to keep me going. They surprisingly got me into the genre Atmospheric Rock and I highly recommend this EP to all of you. Whether you are commuting on the freeway or sipping your favorite latte and watching sunset with your friends, The Good Nature is always a good choice to get you in a comfy mood.

Support our musicians and own the album so you can check out the rest of the songs. You can either get their album The Good Nature EP on or you can contact Faulty Rotation on Facebook to get a physical copy for only $5. I really enjoyed it and I hope you do too.

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